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Belt Industry Leaders Bringing You The Industry’s Best

Gates is the recognized leader in the power transmission industry. Belt Center is the industry leader in bringing the best prices direct to you. Now you really can buy your belts from the best and still save money! What is so great about buying Gates belts? They are Belt Center’s #1 selling brand and for good reason.

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Gates: Leader In Technology

Gates has been the v belt and timing belt leader since 1917, when Charles Gates invented the v belt. The Gates Corporation hasn’t slowed down since. Gates belts are now powering industrial machines, automobiles, agricultural machinery, and even bicycles around the world is one of, if not, the most popular aftermarket brands for cars.

Gates regularly pioneers new and high tech materials such as kevlar belts and other aramid belts. But just because they are at the forefront of new innovation doesn’t mean that they have forgotten their roots. Gates belts are the best from the top on down. So whether you are looking to find the latest and newest belt from Gates, or you just want to get your hands on a hard to find, older replacement belt, we can help you out!

Whether you need the new Gates 508C Sonic Tension Meter or one of their great Poly Chain belts, we have you covered by the v belts leader in technology.
Gates belt leader in reliability

Gates: Leader In Reliability

Part of all that advancement in technology has led to the famous reliability that keeps customers returning to the Gates brand. V belts are by nature a wear item. They wear out over time and need to be replaced. But Gates belts are without a doubt the industry leaders in reliability. No more premature failures and they can keep your machinery running day after day, month after month.

You don’t have time for downtime. Every day without the parts you need costs you time and money. That’s why we are so proud to seller the industry leader in reliability. While this doesn’t change the fact that belts are still a wear part, they don’t have to wear out so early and often.

Each application affects the durability of a belt, your lawn mower belt is probably going to last a lot longer than an industrial rock crusher, but whether you are looking to improve your business bottom line, or keep your home and garden equipment running for the seasons to come, keep them running with Gates belts.